In 1400, Fava Technology Company joined Kourosh Investment Group with the aim of consulting, designing, producing, and building all kinds of electronic and computer systems.

So far, this company has equipped more than 2,000 branches of Ofogh Kourosh chain stores with environmental factors monitoring system. It has also implemented different software, such as telephone sales, supplier evaluation, and agent sales in these stores.

Ofogh Fava Technology Engineering Company designs and produces practical products, including Safara intelligent queuing system. This system, which is designed and implemented as wireless, wired PC-based, non-PC-based and TCP/IP queuing systems, provides the most advanced queue management software, on-line reporting facilities, and monitoring using any peripheral equipment, such as VIP, SMS, camera, etc.

Ofoghh Fava Technology has employed a group of experienced designing experts and is able to deliver various orders in the field of electronic design, hardware, software, designing the form and appearance of devices, as well as other services, such as monitoring, SMS, WIFI, and manufacturing all banking equipment according to the customers’ opinion and demands.

Some other services:

- Environmental factors monitoring system

- Measuring critical indicators at the store level (temperature, light, movement, smoke, temperature of refrigerator and freezer, estimating the optimum operation of store equipment, measuring 3-phase voltage, and any other important indicators) and sending information to the database.

- Setting different alarms to prevent errors and crucial issues for the devices

- Setting up a mobile web system and application for executives and managers...