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Kourosh Investment Group was established in 2008 as a subsidiary of the Golrang Industrial Group, a leader in producing and distributing fast-moving consumer goods and retail and chain stores sector. With over 19,000 employees, this investment group has released renowned brands, such as Oila, Famila, Azhooghe, Suntin and Kimball, to the market. Over 20 subsidiaries of the company produce goods including oil, tuna, dressings, tomato paste, legumes, saffron, rice, etc., distributing them throughout Iran. Kourosh Investment Group today is a far-reaching and leading investment group thanks to its dynamic and industrious members, each of which have distinguished (notable) experiences and expertise in their own specialty. A summary of their activities can be categorized as follows in the order of establishment:

Golrang Pakhsh was founded in 1999 and began its operations aimed at product marketing, sales, and channel distribution in 2000. In addition to a complete portfolio of products and services, Golrang Pakhsh’s success is also due to geographic reach and a robust distribution network. This company is currently one of Iran's most powerful product distribution companies.

Ofogh Kourosh Chain Stores Co. was launched in 2009. Various branches of the store have been opened throughout Iran to date. Since its establishment, Ofogh Kourosh has had a strong presence in the supply chain, and its branches are favored by Iranians nationwide.          

Golbarg Baharan Co. factory was opened in 2011 for producing different food products such as cooking oil, canned foods, tomato paste, and tuna. The company and its products were transferred to Golbarg Kourosh Food Co. in 2017 as a specialized line.

Kourosh Food Co. joined the group's food companies in 2013 to produce various cooking oils.

Hasti Arian Tamin Co. was founded in 2010 for producing food products with a priority for tea. This company currently enjoys a diverse portfolio of tea and spice products with brands such as Oila, Famila, Suntin and Baloot.

Golrang Investment Fund began operating in 2015 with the approval of the Securities and Exchange Organization.

Golrang Leasing Co. was established in 2016 for supplying equipment to major industries.

Saman Pouyesh Supply Co. (SPOT) was established in 2016 as an equipment supplier and manufacturer for the retail industry.

In 2017, Kourosh Rice Agro-Industry Co. started producing and distributing Iranian rice. Kourosh Dried Fruits and Legumes Industry was also established in 2017 to expand the Golrang Industrial Group's food portfolio. This company's products are produced in three groups, namely dried fruits, legumes and grains under the Famila, Azougeh, Madeleine and V-nut brands.

Kourosh Proshat Company is active since 2017, specializing in production of a variety of mayonnaise and ketchup sauce, distillates, as well as instant coffee powder and jelly powder.

Makian Kourosh Industrial Co. also began its operation in 2017, specializing in packaging eggs, free range eggs, quail eggs, and partridge eggs.

In order to facilitate shopping for citizens, save time and ultimately reduce intra-city transportation, Kourosh Ecommerce Development Company (OKALA) began its operation in 2017 to offer high quality goods as well as a full economic and competitive price.

Hyper Famili chain store construction company began its operations in 2017 to provide fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG).

Talaye Nab Kourosh Co., joined the Kourosh Investment Group in 2018, specializes in saffron, dates, rock candy, and barberry production under the Famila brand.

Kourosh Pakhsh Company is active since 2018, distributing dozens of oil and non-oil products under the Kimball brand.

Kourosh Protein was established in 2019. This company produces, cuts, packages and distributes meat, poultry, and protein products.

Kourosh Portfolio Management Company is a financial institution that classifies investors in terms of risk-taking degree by collecting information, and by granting its commission provides them with portfolio managing services in the form of property management on behalf.

"Kourosh Diamond Investment Fund" operates as an investment fund under the license of the Stock Exchange and Securities Organization.

This fund invests its resources in participation bonds, bank deposits, fixed income securities and stocks; and Investors can be informed about the growth trend of their investment on a daily basis.

Kourosh Pistachio Company has been active in the international arena since 2020, focusing on supply, distribution, export and branding of dried fruits and nuts, especially pistachios.