Golrang-Pakhsh Co. was established in October 2000 with the goal of distributing products manufactured by other GIG’s companies. Golrang Pakhsh started its activities by distributing Golrang products such as bleach, toilet cleaner, shampoo, soap, dishwashing liquid, handwashing liquid, glass cleaner, fabric softener and hair conditioner, and gradually added other products and brands to the company’s portfolio. In 2014, by adopting the strategy of focus, all the activities of this company were concentrated on the distribution of food products. At present more than 80 food products such as edible oils and other food products by the brands Oila, Famila, and Kimball are distributed throughout the country via this company.


No. 213, Erfan Alley, Mirzaye Shirazi St., between Mottahari St. & Beheshti St., Tehran, Iran.