Golrang Industrial Group Holds A Conference for the Start of the Work Year
Mar,14 2020
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The new working year opening conference of Golrang Industrial Group was held in the Milad Tower conference hall where Dr. Fazli, deputies, and senior executives met with colleagues.

At the conference held on Thursday, April 5, 2018, Dr. Fazli wished a happy New Year to industrious and great colleagues and thanked them for their hard work. “I am grateful to have this opportunity at the beginning of the new year to thank you, my dear colleagues, for your kindness and efforts over the past years, especially 2017. I hope that you have all enjoyed your holidays and I wish you happiness alongside your honorable families,” he added .

Regarding employment Dr. Fazli then announced regarding employment, “We had 3,520 colleagues in 2012. That number grew to 5,322 in 2013, and to 7,446 in 2014. By the end of that same year, we recruited 199 new Ofogh Kourosh colleagues and reached a total of 7,645 employees. The number of our colleagues in 2015 reached 8,934 in addition to 757 employees in Ofogh Kourosh which added up to 9,691. In 2016, we had 9,970 employees in addition to 1,677 colleagues in Ofogh Kourosh, which added up to 11,647. In the same vein, we had 14,842 employees at the beginning of last year, which turned into 17,716 employees at the beginning of this year.”

Dr. Fazli stressed, “Fortunately, in recent years we have witnessed a tremendous increase in the number of employees and we are grateful to all our dear colleagues who have been instrumental to this achievement.”

Regarding sales figures, the CEO of Golrang Industrial Group noted, “In 2017, the group’s sales through distributors grew by approximately 30% over 2016, while the Ofogh Kourosh group’s sales grew by about 150%, bringing our overall to about 40%. Meanwhile, we are grateful for the very good interaction between producers and Ofogh Kourosh.”

Dr. Fazli continued, “We have considered certain benchmarks to evaluate companies accordingly. According to indicators including sales, profit, market share and growth, the following companies ranked the top 5: Ofogh Kourosh, Kourosh Food Industry, Pakshoo, Golrang Pakhsh, and Faran Shimi.”

Golrang Industrial Group’s CEO added, “Another index that was important to us alongside the sales, profit and market share indicators in 2018 was the maturity index. The maturity index means that maintaining figures when the company becomes mature, be they sales or profits, is particularly valuable and is marked with a coefficient. At the same time, since exports are very important to us, every export dollar in sales and profits will be multiplied by 5, and we hope to deliver a strong performance in exports despite all the hardships.”

“We need to discover the potential for export and production in target markets and set objectives based on them, not based on past performance and growth over those numbers,” Dr. Fazli stressed, “I urge export managers and the board of directors to engage in very close coordination and assess all available facilities and international opportunities so that we may have an outstanding export performance this year.”

Golrang Industrial Group’s CEO added, “We need to increase our exports and make sure that we do not face even the slightest problem with importing raw materials. To this end, a certain amount of imported raw materials can be covered with our export revenue.”

“Today, we are all responsible for the future of the great Golrang Industrial Group and family, and we should be able to create conditions for our colleagues to have a bright future in export markets,” Dr. Fazli continued, “If we are to add  jobs, we must also guarantee our current employees’ welfare and ensure to act not merely quantitatively, but also qualitatively and make sure that our existing colleagues have job security while improving their conditions on a daily basis, and that foreign and domestic problems don’t affect Golrang Industrial Group's goals.”

“Which factors guarantee export success?” he continued, “Regarding exports, we need to focus foremost on human resources. In this field, we need long-term, mid-term and short-term plans. Hence meritocracy, organic growth and succession are of paramount importance. The necessary training should also be provided to all our employees to be able to perform on an international level.”

“Our next step must be efficient performance by doing the right thing at the right time and in an effective way,” Golrang Industrial Group's CEO added in another part of the conference, “We need to act correctly and in a timely manner to achieve optimal performance and productivity. But, it would be better if we did not stop there and chose the more ideal of two options.”

“We need to be productive in all fields, but we need to focus and act more specifically on human resources,” Dr. Fazli added on productivity, “We even need to outperform our European and American counterparts as they have been around longer. They have been in this market before us and have gained market share and taking their market share is not an easy feat. What it takes to outperform them is to focus on HR, productivity, and corporate governance. Systemic strategy is important with regards to corporate governance, and IT must show its unequivocal support.”

On the relationship with foreign companies, Dr. Fazli expressed, “This group is now mature enough to establish logical and ideal relationships with foreign companies. In this regard, we will host some foreign partners in Golrang Industrial Group in Iran, and we would like to discuss joint ventures to achieve more rapid growth.”

In the end, Dr. Fazli expressed his gratitude toward his diligent colleagues at Golrang Industrial Group and thanked their families. “Like all these past years, at this point we need to thank our dear colleagues’ families, who have always been supportive, gracious, and influential in achieving such incredible results,” he stated, “Please thank them on my behalf. I would also like to take the opportunity to thank Ms. Fazli.”

After the ceremony, the great Golrang Industrial Group’s family pact was recited. The pact states:

We live not for peace

We are waves, and calm is our decease...

We, the great Golrang Industrial Group family, helped by God's boundless grace, strive avidly to achieve a sustainable and dynamic progress in work and life for ourselves and our beloved Islamic Republic of Iran in 2018.

We are committed to embodying Golrang Industrial Group’s values and developing capabilities for the ever-increasing progress of this family.

We, members of the great Golrang Industrial Group family, believe that consequentialism, humanism, dedication, honesty, discipline, entrepreneurship and efficiency are and will be our key to success and progress in all fields.

With cooperation and team work, we strive to become a top global company and present superior Iranian management as a successful model in the global competition setting.

All of us wholeheartedly consider it a great honor to be a part of the great Golrang Industrial Group family, and work sincerely, empathetically and unanimously to achieve our beloved industrial family's goals and progress.

Mohammad Motamedi’s singing marked the end of this memorable conference.