Producing food products is one of the most important activities of Kourosh Investment Group. Member companies currently active in the Kourosh Investment Group are as follows:
Kourosh Food Industry, Kourosh Food Golbarg Co., Hasti Arian Tamin, Kourosh Dried Fruits and Legumes Industry, and the like are food producers of Kourosh Investment Group.
Kourosh Food Industry’s factory produces various cooking oils, including palm-free frying oil, vitamin D-fortified sunflower oil, olive oil, corn oil, etc. Kourosh Food Industry’s brands include Oila, Famila, Kimball and Suntin.
Kourosh Food Golbarg Co. produces canned tuna, tomato paste, honey, jam, and other products to grow market share.
Kourosh Dried Fruits and Legumes Industry produces grains, dried fruits and nuts under the brands of Famila, Azougheh and Madeleine.

Furthermore, Hasti Arian Tamin Co. produces normal and aromatic tea under the brands of Oila and Famila brands and spices under the Suntin brand. The Kourosh Makian Industry is also active in packaging chicken eggs, as well as free range, quail, and partridge eggs, the Kourosh Talaye Nab specializes in packaging saffron, barberry, sugar candy and dates, and the Kourosh Rice and Agro-Industry Co. produces mayonnaise and ketchup dressing and distillates.